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List of Low Light Hanging Plants

low light hanging plants

Hanging plant arrangements are a great choice if you’re running out of space in your room or apartment or simply want to adorn a vertical surface, such as a window or wall. If done right, a low-light hanging plants arrangement can look very elegant because it shows off the foliage of trailing plants. 

List of Low Light Hanging Plants

If you want to make an indoor hanging plant arrangement, we’ve compiled a list of plants that are great-looking, easy to care for, and tolerant to low light. Also, you should know how much light your plant needs.

The Pothos Plant 

The pothos plant is a very forgiving houseplant, ideal for beginners. It works well as a suspended or climbing flora because of its slender yet leafy vines. While they won’t enjoy direct sunlight, any indoor space with low to bright light is great for these plants.

Consider the windowsill of a bathroom or an office. You’ll also have to prune these regularly or make room for their vines to climb on. Also, this plant needs care. If you don’t look over this plant daily, its leaves may turn yellow.

The Pothos Plant

English Ivy 

The English Ivy is quite famous as a houseplant, particularly in Europe. The cascading leaves have a unique, fascinating shape and a pale green color and are sure to add a vibe to your indoor space. English Ivy originates from densely populated woodlands and can tolerate low light quite well. The stems grow up to 15 feet in length and will need lots of room to spread.

Boston Fern 

The Boston Fern is also included in the low-light hanging plants, a favorite for many gardeners because of the brilliant yellowish-green of its foliage. These require some attention, though; to keep your ferns happy, ensure constant light, moisture, and high humidity. They will also shed their leaves quite frequently, so you’ll have to keep a broom close by. 

Morning Glory 

The Morning glory plant can be grown surprisingly quickly and relatively easily from its seed. Within a few months of planting, you’ll have a delicate vining plant with heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers that open each morning. Again, this picturesque plant likes to climb, so make sure it has enough space to do so.

Moth Orchid 

The Orchid plant- Phalaenopsis- a low light hanging plant, is another forgiving variety whose showy bloom lasts months in the right conditions. You’ll need to give this plant bright, indirect light and water each week.

Hang up your orchids in an east-facing window or a properly shaded south or west-facing window. You’ll know your plant is receiving enough light if it has darker green leaves on top and red and burgundy shades underneath. 

Other Low Light Hanging Plants

There are lots of other plant species that will work well in low light and hanging arrangements: 

Why You Should Consider Hanging Plant Arrangements

Saving Space

If you live in an apartment or dormitory, you’re likely short on space. Hanging plant arrangements allow you to experiment with the vertical spaces available to you while not taking up the ground space you require for furniture. They also look great in vast spaces because there, they create a more closed effect. 

Mood Lifting

Live in an apartment and constantly yearning for a small personal garden? Well, consider having your tea on the balcony or by the window you’ve hung your plants on. The greenery is sure to help lift your spirits and bring you closer to nature. 

It’s Trending

The Urban jungle concept has been in fashion for quite a while now. In these themes, entire rooms are filled with all kinds of plant life, big and small. Pair them with a subtle white indoor theme, and hanging plant arrangements will make you instantly trendy.

5 Creative Ways to hang Low light hanging plants

Use Heavy-duty Magnets

You can add small magnetic planters to your fridge to add a splash of greenery to your kitchen. These will have to be tiny plants, such as succulents. 

Suction Pots Or Shelves hang your plants

Suction ports are a great way to put up plants without having to drill holes in the walls. These can be used on any glossy surface, like the glass of the window or wall tiles. There are even suction shelves, which will help you place small pots or other things on them. Just make sure the suction is long-lasting. 

Another great idea is to grow a bunch of easy, regular use herbs, such as mint and coriander, on the kitchen window using these planters. These will look great and make life so much easier for you. 

Use A Trellis to hang your plants

A trellis is a very chic idea and works great for trailing vines. You can quickly put together a DIY metal grid trellis and place several hanging or trailing plants on or near it. 

Place Them On A High Surface

You can place your plant pot on a high surface, such as the top of a bookcase, shelf, or tall furniture. A wooden step ladder could also be double as a vintage shelf for your indoor plant collection. These high spots will beautifully show off the trailing vines of your plants. 

Use Handmade Hanging Planters 

You can easily make a DIY Macrame Hanging Planter for your pot using a chain or plain rope. These can be hung anywhere- in the doorway, on a balcony, or near a window. 

If you are interested in learning more about various types of houseplants and their characteristics click here.

Written by Chris Buckland

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