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Everything you Need to Know About the Stromanthe Triostar Plant!

Stunning Stromanthe Triostar Plant

If you are someone who loves vibrant, colorful, and tropical houseplants, then you will fall in love with the stunning Stromanthe Triostar plant! With its colorful, nature-painted leaves, the plant will give your space an exotic, dreamy, and sensational vibe.

It has graceful pointed green leaves with color splashes of cream, pink, red, maroon, magenta, and pale green. With a blend of so many colours, no wonder this plant is truly a delight to the eyes.

The Stromanthe Triostar plant is originally found in the jungles of Brazil and can grow from 2 to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide – only if you care for it properly. Also, as it is a tropical plant, it loves humidity and hot weather.

Though the plant is strikingly beautiful, it requires a lot of effort, maintenance, and care to keep it thriving! Nothing too difficult; just a regular maintenance routine.

The best part is that the Stromanthe Triostar plant can bloom flowers in spring, but rarely. However, even if it doesn’t bloom, the plant alone is aesthetically pleasing and colorful enough for brightening up your space.

Curious to know more about this beauty? Below, we are sharing all the details about its maintenance, minor issues, and characteristics. 

Characteristics of the Stromanthe Triostar Plant

OriginIt is native to Brazil
Botanical NameStromanthe Sanguinea
MaintenanceMedium to High Maintenance
LightIndirect Sunlight
TemperatureIdeally 65 to 80 degrees
ToxicityNon-toxic to both humans and pets
Maximum Size3 feet tall and 2 feet wide
FloweringIt can bloom flowers
Other NamesStromanthe Triostar, Stromanthe Thalia, and Tricolor Stromanthe
HumidityRequires High Humidity

How to Care for the Stromanthe Triostar?

Like all the other houseplants, this eye-catching beauty also requires some extra effort, care, and maintenance to stay fresh and healthy. Just like us, plants are also living things – and with lack of care, their health can also deteriorate.

But don’t worry! Caring for the Stromanthe Triostar is not rocket science. All you need is to consider certain factors to keep the plant healthy! Here they are:

Sunlight for Stromanthe Triostar

As Stromanthe Triostar is a tropical plant, it is obvious that it loves and needs bright and vibrant sunlight – Therefore, you will have to mimic a rainforest environment.

However, make sure that the bright sunlight you are giving it is INDIRECT! If you expose the plant to direct sunlight, its leaves will start burning and rusting.

So, if you want your Stromanthe Triostar to flourish, provide it with more and more indirect sunlight. Also, perfect indirect sunlight will make the splashes of colors look more prominent and vibrant. Here is a complete guide on How Much Light Does Your Plant Needs?


In terms of watering needs, the Stromanthe Triostar plant can be a bit high maintenance. Again, as it is a tropical plant, it loves damp and moist soil. However, note that it loves MOIST soil, not too dry and not too watery either. So, make sure to water the soil every time you notice the first inch is dried. In winters, you can wait up to 2 inches.

Watering this plant is tricky – both too much and too little watering can make its leaves dry, brown, and rusty. So, you will require a lot of attention and a consistent routine.


The plant requires regular feeding, especially during spring and summer. And for that, you will need a good quality, liquid houseplant fertilizer specially for tropical houseplants. Also, make sure that the fertilizer is organic, and contains a minimum amount of nitrogen.

It would be best if you feed your Stromanthe Triostar plant every two weeks after watering in warm seasons. In autumn and winter, you can bring down the time window to 3 weeks. Because this plant grows more rapidly in warm seasons.


This plant is very easy to go in terms of temperature requirements. The ideal temperature for Stromanthe Triostar is between 65 to 80 degrees. However, this plant can fully thrive and flourish at normal home temperature too. But, if you are living in an area with an extremely cold temperature, you might have to take a few extra measures.


The Stromanthe Triostar plant loves humidity, and to be honest, it cannot survive without it. You need to mimic the rainforest environment, remember? If you are living in a humid area, then providing the plant with high humidity won’t be a problem for you. If not, then you will need to make some extra efforts, especially during the winter season.

There isn’t much you need to do! The easiest way to provide your plant with high humidity is by getting a small-sized humidifier. It would be both budget-friendly and convenient.

On the other hand, if getting a humidifier is difficult, then you can place the plant in the bathroom for some time every day. You can get detailed instructions here about What is High Humidity and How to Increase Humidity for Your Houseplants for your plant’s best care.


Like all the other tropical houseplants, Stromanthe Triostar also needs lightweight, well-draining potting soil to stay fresh and happy. Also, the soil should be breathable and must contain moisture-retaining properties. So, make sure to do great research before opting for the soil.

Moreover, no matter what soil you use, make sure that there are drainage holes in the pot you are putting your Stromanthe Triostar in.

Maintenance Tips

Here are a few additional maintenance and grooming tips for your Stromanthe Triostar plant:

  • You are going to place it in front of bright indirect sunlight, obviously. But make sure to turn the plant every week so that all its sides get equal sunlight.
  • Try to grow your plant in deep containers, they will do better.
  • Make sure to re-pot your plant after every 2 to 3 years. This way, it will thrive for long!

Stromanthe Triostar Decoration Ideas

Now that you have gone through the basic care routine, are you ready for the exciting part? Yes! The decoration ideas!!

Here are a few decoration ideas for your Stromanthe Triostar,  to make your space super stylish and vibrant!

Wooden Pots

What is more beautiful than the traditional yet classy wooden pots? Place your Stromanthe Triostar in them to give your space an absolute tropical look.

White Marble Pots

You can put your plant in large white marble pots to give your home or office a sophisticated yet classy vibe.

Hanging Trays

Here is the most beautiful one for your balcony! Put your plant in a tiny pot and then place it on a wooden hanging tray.

Bathroom Vanities

Just like other rooms, why not give a stylish look to our bathrooms as well? Put your Stromanthe Triostar on bathroom vanities for a trendy look.


Place the Stromanthe Triostar on your bedsides and wake up to a breath of fresh air and beauty every morning!

Common Issues Associated with the Stromanthe Triostar

Like all the other plants, the Stromanthe Triostar also has some teeny tiny issues like pests, fungus, and mold. But the great part is, it has no diseases associated with it. And about the other issues, they are also easily manageable. Let us go through all the issues and how to solve them like a PRO!

Fungus and Mold

The Stromanthe Triostar plant is prone to fungus and mold, because of its high humidity requirements. If it is not getting the required level of humidity to thrive, it will obviously show you some signs – fungus and mold.

However, tackling this issue isn’t impossible, and not too difficult either. First, you need to remove all the fungus and mold with cinnamon powder. After that, make sure to provide it with the required humidity level.

Pests – Spider mites and Aphids

Spider mites and Aphids are literally plant-eating pests, and unfortunately, they also love the Stromanthe Triostar plant. And again, the reason for these pests and bugs to come is low humidity. However, tackling these pests is also very easy.

All you need is an insecticide and a few q-tips. Spray the insecticide on the pests and then remove them with the help of q-tips. See? Easy peasy! Still, make sure to take care of the humidity levels after this.

Why does Stromanthe Triostar make a good Houseplant?

First thing first, the Stromanthe Triostar plant is absolutely stunning, vibrant, and cheerful. No matter where you place it, your space will get a super cool, tropical, and exotic look. What else do you need from a good houseplant?

Other than this, this beautiful plant has one more benefit as well. It is extremely beneficial for people with allergies and breathing issues as it tends to increase the humidity levels in the atmosphere.

Risks Associated with Stromanthe Triostar

Luckily, there are no health risks associated with the Stromanthe Triostar plant. Unlike some other plant, it is completely non-toxic, and absolutely safe for both humans and pets even if ingested. However, that doesn’t mean you start eating it! Try to stay away, just to be on the safe side.

Stromanthe Triostar is an incredible and astonishing plant, and there is no denying that. All it needs is a little bit of maintenance in return, and we hope we made that easy for you after this guide. So, if you are a tropical plants lover, give the Triostar a chance to fulfil your desires!

For guides and tips about other houseplants, visit our blog. Also, don’t forget to pour in your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear back from you!


Does Stromanthe Triostar plant need sunlight?

Stromanthe Triostar is a plant that prefers bright indirect sunlight, as well as a warm, humid environment.

It requires regular watering in soil that is rich in organic matter and moderate fertilization. The plant should be positioned so that it receives bright, indirect sunlight in addition to plenty of fresh air circulation.

Is Stromanthe Triostar an indoor plant?

Stromanthe Triostar is an indoor plant that can thrive in low light conditions. It requires well-drained soil and regular water.

Placing Stromanthe Triostar in a bright location may result in yellow leaves. If your plant starts to yellow, move it to a shadier location.

Is Stromanthe Triostar hard to grow?

No, it’s not hard to grow if you follow the right growing condition and care. Stromanthe Triostar is a low maintenance plant which is not fussy about its environment, as long as it’s provided with enough light, water, and fertilisers.


Stromanthe Triostar prefers bright light but not direct sun. It can be grown indoor or outdoor.


Keep the soil on the wet side in well-drained conditions. Water regularly but don’t overwater as Stromanthe requires drier conditions at the root.


It grows well in any soil that is pH neutral to slightly alkaline (pH 7–8), soil that is rich in organic material, sand, or gravel with little nutrients are ideal for this plant.


It can be grown indoors or outdoors and can withstand high temperature up to 30°C.

Written by Chris Buckland

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