Attractive And Jaw-Dropping Plants that Grow In the Dark

plants that grow in the dark

Since our childhood, we have been listening to plants grow in the sunlight. We also see in cartoons and films that plants need sunlight to propagate. In this article, we’ll know about the plants that grow in the dark.

And do you remember that damn Photosynthesis concept?

Yes, in which we study plants need sunlight for their growth and for making their food. 

 Well, this is not the case every time. You should also know about those plants that grow in the dark. Let’s know about them.

The Aglaonema-The Pinky and Green 

The plants that grow in the dark, It’s one of them. This plant is also known as the evergreen plant. Their stems grow upwards. 

Have you ever seen a crown? Yes! 

Its leaves look like a crown. But it won’t grow where direct sunlight would touch it.  

So, put them inside your bedrooms or in any place inside your house. Aglaonema is a genus plant, they are grown in shady tropical forest regions.

Cissus Antarctica-aka Kangaroo Vine 

You can also call them Kangaroo Vine, seems funny right? This plant is the genus Cissus species of the Vitaceae family. Often used as a vine in Sub Tropical climates.  This plant doesn’t like temperatures above 15℃. So, this is the plant that you can put inside your house and can grow in the dark. You can also grow them in hanging baskets.

Aspidistra Elatior-Bar Room Plant

You are free to call it either Cast Iron Plant or Bar Room Plant. This species’ family is Asparagaceae and this is a flowering plant. Mainly found in Japan. 

This plant likes temperatures above -5℃. The glossy dark green leaves plant can grow tall up to 60 cm. 

They are also known as Haran and Baran in Japanese.

Clivia Miniata-Natal Lily

Call this plant Bush Lily, it mainly grows in woodland habitats like South Africa, this flowering plant is the species of genus Clivia of the family Amaryllidaceae. 

Seems like. Be aware guys, this plant contains a little amount of lycorine which makes it poisonous. 

It’s a house plant and cultivated at a temperature like 10°C. The bush lily has a chubby underground stem.

Columnea Gloriosa-The Goldfish

Columnea Gloriosa, this plant is also known as the Goldfish Plant, see the Goldfish-shaped flowers this plant grows. 

These plants are very similar to African Violets. It is from the species of genus Columnea and is from the family of Gesneriaceae. 

With Oblanceolate leaves and reddish hairs, it looks like a leaping fish. Keep it in a room where the sun doesn’t see it directly.

Cyperus Alternifolius- Just say Umbrella Grass/ Plant

This grass and palm tree-like plant belongs to the family Cyperaceae, mainly found in Arabian Peninsula and Africa, Madagascar. 

It grows as an Ornamental plant and you can find it in any part of the world. 

They can be grown in ponds, inside the house, or in the pots too. When the temperature falls below 5℃ just leave your couch, go and protect it! It needs a generous amount of water. 

Dumbcane Dieffenbachia-mother-in-law’s tongue

A tropical flowering plant belongs to the family of Araceae. This plant is grown as an ornamental plant, people love them inside their house. These plants contain white spots on them. 

Be aware! 

They contain a small number of toxins that can cause a temporary inability to speak. 

They grow in the dark, which means they don’t like direct sunlight.

Hence, they can grow with a minimum temperature of 5℃.

Schefflera Arboricola-dwarf Umbrella Tree

This plant is known as Schefflera arboricola but you can also call it Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Well, they are the flowering plants from the family of Araliaceae. They are the smaller type of Umbrella Tree

They can grow up to 8 to 9m tall. 

Their leaves’ texture resembles leather with a shine on the surface. People use them as ornamental plants and put them inside their houses. The plant ignores the bad growing factors and still grows.

Put your pet and kid meters away from it because on eating it they’re poisonous and damage the cells and tissues of a being.

The plant’s flowering season starts from midsummer to early autumn.

Ficus elastica-looks like rubber

This plant is also known as a Rubber Fig, don’t confuse it with a Rubber Plant. The plant belongs to the fig genus, mainly found in areas like Sri Lanka and West Indies, etc. 

It grows with a single stem and has shiny green leaves. At home, keep it in a cool and shady area. 

They contain a milky substance called latex which is used in making rubber. 

These plants don’t like temperatures above 29℃.

Maranta leuconeura-Just say Prayer Plant for your ease

Also called Prayer Plant, this flowering plant is from the family of Marantaceae. 

They can grow up to 30cm tall. 

They have white-veined marks on their oval leaves. Interestingly, the plant’s leaves lay in a flat position during the day and are folded in an erect position at night time, that’s why they are called the Prayer Plant. 

They are houseplants and they need a minimum temperature of 15℃. 

These plants require well-drained soil and can tolerate acidic or loam soil. 

Monstera deliciosa

They are also known as Swiss Cheese Plants, mainly from tropical forests. Monstera refers to the Monstrous size of the plant which means they can grow up to 9m tall and Deliciosa refers to delicious which means that it produces delicious fruits. They are also cultivated as ornamental plants.

They are grown in the temperature range of 13-15℃.

Before we wrap it up all, let’s talk about the myth that plants do not grow in the dark. It is busted now. 

They can grow and cultivate without sunlight, hence making it a great option to grow and decorate inside your homes.

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What plant can grow in darkness?

  • Aglaonema
  • Cissus Antarctica-aka Kangaroo
  • Aspidistra Elatior
  • Clivia Miniata-Natal Lily
  • Columnea Gloriosa-The Goldfish

Is there a flower that grows in the dark?

Datura, also known as ‘Datura wrightii’ is a moonflower that grows in the dark. It has silky white opening blooms at night which attracts sphinx moths and other pollinators. Its flowers are large, trumpet-shaped and white, with a deep purple center.

Which plant only blooms at night?

A plant that blossoms at night is called Evening Primrose. It’s a beautiful flower with yellow petals and a dark center. It’s preserved as an antique miniature flower and is also used in some medicines. The leaves, seeds and roots of the plant are used in Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy.

Written by Chris Buckland

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