Are Orchids Poisonous to Cats?

are orchids poisonous to cats

Before answering the question, “Are orchids poisonous to cats?” Let’s first discuss details about Orchids.

If you’re into gardening and love plants, you would know how precious Orchids are. In some parts of the world, orchids are also used to cure cancer and boost immunity. 

Other than that, their rare beauty enhances your home’s outlook. While it’s true that they are aesthetically pleasing, we can’t deny that orchids require a lot of care. They even need a specialized pot mix to help them grow.  

But when they become your cat’s food, chances are, neither you will like it, nor your Cat. As some say, orchid plants cause stomach problems in cats. For instance, they claim that orchids mess up their stomach so severely that the cats end up vomiting. This puts flower lovers in confusion about whether their flowers can coexist with their cats or not.

Cats like wandering around the place, and they jump onto anything before you can blink your eye. Even if the orchids are not harmful to them, the cats like to eat flowers. And this can ruin your beautiful orchid plant.


Let’s find out are orchids poisonous to cats? and how you can keep your plants away from your cats. 

Orchids are Harmful to my Cat: Myth or a reality!

Are orchids poisonous to cats?

Well, the good news is that your cat’s stomach problems are not even remotely related to orchids.  Only one species of wild orchid, Lady Slipper Orchid, might potentially cause harm.

But as these are found growing in the wild, there are slim chances your cat will be exposed to it indoors. 

Contrary to what most people think, there are other specifies of orchids, especially hybrid ones, that can cause diarrhea and stomach problems for your cat. 

As you take a sigh of relief, it is equally important to note some other related facts about orchids and cats that you might have overlooked. Let’s walk through what else can be bothering your feline partner.

Fertilizers are Harmful to your Cat

Fertilizers play a pivotal role in letting your orchids thrive. Yet, in the presence of your cat, the fertilizer might pose harm to your beloved pet.

The fact is that fertilizers can be immensely toxic for your cat as they contain a blend of zinc, copper, phosphorus, and many more chemicals.

The ideal solution lies in applying fertilizer to the roots of your orchids and not spraying them over the flowers and leaves. Going for an all-natural alternative that is free from toxicity is another option too. 

Once you know that your cat has ingested fertilizers, immediately seek veterinary help.  The symptoms include drooling, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and breathing difficulties.

It is recommended to take along the fertilizer pack as it will help the vet decide which treatment to opt for accordingly.

Cats Ruin the Plant

Plant lovers advocate for cats and orchids to stay away from each other because the cats do ruin the plant. Cats love nibbling the petals, and it comes at the cost of damaging your gorgeous orchids.

When you grow your plants with so much devotion, love, care, and time, you can’t see them getting ruined. It gets more messed up when the one ruining it is your dearest kitty.

You can’t choose between them, who should stay and who should not. That is why it is preferred not to put them in the same room. Cats can go anywhere without any care. So, you should find a safe place for your orchid, away from your cat’s approach. 

Why Do Cats Eat Plants?

Cats are primarily carnivores. When they nibble on the house plants, it adds fiber to their digestive system.

This very much replicates when the cat would go in the wild and eat the grass-filled intestine of its prey. Thus, the cat craves similar satisfaction when nibbling the plants. 

In this scenario, the only solution for them is to eat the houseplants. Sometimes, other than the digestion requirement, they nibble on the plants just out of boredom.

Whatever the case, your beautiful plants get ruined. When the cats consume plants with a high percentage of insoluble fiber, it becomes the reason for their vomiting. 

How Can You Keep the Orchid Away from Cats?

To keep your cat away from the orchid and prevent it from getting ruined by your cat, you need to take some measures. Follow along!

You Can Change the Plant’s Location

As the cats like to wander around the house without any restriction, you can’t stop them from going anywhere.

The first thing that you can do is to change your orchid’s place. Try relocating the orchid in a position so that your cat can’t approach.

You can hang them at a point where the cat can’t reach them. As the cats are good with long jumps, you will have to estimate where you can hang them.

Choose a point where there is no support for the cat to jump from, like in the middle of the room or at a high point. 

Also, you can put the orchids in a breathable glass cupboard in your living room. This way, they will be away from the cat and continue being the beauty of the room simultaneously. 

You Can Use Cat Repellent on Plants

You can also use cat repellent on your orchids. That will give the cats a signal not to approach the Orchids.

Spraying cinnamon or cayenne pepper on the plants is also an option as cats’ eyes don’t like them. Other than that, you can even spray vinegar mixed in water onto your orchids; it also keeps the cats from coming near the plants. 

Offer Your Cat An Alternative Food

You can start to grow special cat grass now that you know your cat is passionate about eating greens. A portion-controlled tray of grass would be a great alternative.

Bottom Line: So, Are Orchids poisonous to cats?

With all that being said, we have concluded it is not the orchid plant that is poisonous for cats. What makes the plant poisonous is the fertilizers sprayed on them. 

The harmful plants to the cats are only those with a high rate of insoluble fiber, and orchids are not one. That is why they can’t be considered poisonous.

But, it in no way implies that the cat should be eating Orchids as the beauty of orchids will be ruined. So, let’s hope for a win-win situation for our lovable pet and our gorgeous orchids by keeping these guidelines in mind. 


Are orchids safe to touch?

It all depends on which kind of orchid you are going to touch. Some orchids have fleshy leaves that can be damaged if you handle them too roughly. Others have spiky leaves, which can be dangerous to humans. It’s best to avoid touching any part of an orchid unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Are blue orchids poisonous?

No, they are not. Blue orchids contain toxins that can be dangerous to humans. They are best left undisturbed, and if you do choose to grow them, be sure to wear protective clothing and be aware of the dangers of these beauties.

Are black orchids real?

Yes, black orchids are real and also easy to care for. They can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Written by Chris Buckland

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