Mother of Millions Plant Guide: How to Grow & Take Care of your Plant + 5 Decoration ideas!

mother-of-millions plant

Every home needs some greenery, and the Madagascan Mother of Millions plant deserves your attention when discussing aesthetic house plants. Today, we will tell you how to add greenery to your home and more about Mother of Millions. You will learn everything from how to Take care of it to where to place it in your home!

The new scientific name of Mother-of-millions is Kalanchoe delagoensis and was formerly called Bryophyllum delagoense. It is commonly known as mother-of-millions because of its terrific reproductive capabilities.

It’s also known as the chandelier plant. Many people ask, is the chandelier plant toxic to cats? The poisoning in cats is caused by consuming any portion of the plant, including the pollen, roots, stem, leaves, and petals. The toxic components of this plant are naturally-occurring poisons: bufadienolides and cardenolides.

It is a drought-tolerant ornamental plant that originated in Madagascar and then naturalized in Australia and South Eastern USA. It is also known as the Chandelier plant. Mother of Millions has narrow leaves with plantlets appearing at the leaves’ ends or tips.

Mother of the Millions plant is a long-living erect, smooth, and fleshy succulent plant, growing up to 1 meter. It has greyish-green terete leaves. Each leaf is 4-8cm long and 2-8mm wide on average, with a longitudinal groove. Various ‘teeth’ or projections form at the tip of each leaf. In winters, Mother of Millions grows bell-shaped flowers in red, pinkish-red, or orange-red color.

The flowers are branched in tight clusters and bend downwards. Each flower has dulled green-colored sepals. A whorl of its plant has three leaf stalks at every node. In early winter, it produces flowering bells.

Every time it flowers, it produces up to 20,000 seeds. Mother of millions is also famous for its vegetative production. Almost eight plantlets develop at the end of their every stalk. These plantlets become new plants by putting down their roots when they drop to the ground.

You’ll be thinking, what’s the benefit of having Mother of millions of plants? There are multiple benefits of the Mother of million plants, such as helping against premature labor, anti-cancer properties, suitable for skin, anti-inflammatory properties, etc. There are more benefits if you look at it.

This article will show you all you need to know about Kalanchoe delagoensis care.

Features of Mother of Millions Plant:

OriginMadagascar, Africa 
Scientific NameBryophyllum delagoense (syn. B. tubiflorum, Kalanchoe delagoensis) 
Common nameMother of Millions, Chandelier Plant, Succulent Plant
Temperature12 – 32 degree centigrade
FamilyCrassulaceae (Stonecrop Family)
WateringWater when the soil entirely dries out
LightBright, partial sun-filled
TypeFlowering succulent
How to care of Mother of Millions Plant

Mother of Millions Care:

Mother of the Millions plant is easy to take care of. Here are the factors you should pay attention to if you have this plant indoors or in your garden.


For this plant’s good and healthy growth, you must put it in a place where it gets bright and partial sun. If you keep Mother of Millions indoors, do not forget to expose it to sunlight daily for 2-3 hours. If you have recently bought it, you must build up their tolerance to the sun for almost two months. Four hours a day is the maximum sunlight for this plant. Here you can find How Much Light Does Your Plant Need?


Mother of Millions is a drought-tolerant plant that does not require regular watering. Before watering the plant, ensure the soil is entirely dried out because overwatering would ruin the plant. So, only water it when you feel like it is necessary.


Mother of Millions can grow even in a low humid environment. A quick splash of water from time to time will keep the leaves hydrated to avoid drying. It will also wash out any dust. Repotting after every 3-4 years is also necessary to keep the roots from rotting. Here are detailed instructions on How to Repot Your Plant in 15 Minutes Max.


Mother of Millions thrives in moderate to hot temperatures ranging from 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. It will grow and develop the most during hot, dry seasons.


Mother of Millions does not need fertilizer to grow. However, you can fertilize your plant once in a few months using diluted cactus or any houseplant fertilizer.


Cut down yellow or dying leaves for better growth, and remember to use clean scissors or shears to cut to prevent the plant from catching diseases.

Potting and Repotting of Mother of Millions Plants:

You should transfer the Mother of millions to a larger pot when it becomes root bound. Giving more room to the roots assist the succulents in growing better and prevent stunted growth. There are multiple ways to tell when it’s time to repot your kalanchoe delagoensis. Repot Mother of millions when you notice any of these changes:

  • Roots start to stand out from the drainage holes.
  • Water drains slowly because of dense roots.
  • The plant’s growth slows because the roots can’t get proper nourishment.
  • Soil dries out even in cold temperatures.

Select a terracotta pot with drainage holes while choosing a new pot for your plant. It should be 1″ to 2″ more significant than the previous one. Following are the steps to repot a mother of millions:

  • Remove the Mother of millions from the pot with care.
  • Kindly shake the roots to get rid of excess soil. You can also put the root ball under a running faucet to remove all the dirt.
  • Check the roots for any disease—mushy brown roots.
  • Then put a layer of pebbles on the bottom of the container in a new pot.
  • Fill 1/3rd of the pot with sandy soil or cactus potting mix.
  • Place the plant in the pot; ensure it’s growing at the same height as before.
  • Then fill the leftover space with potting mix and softly press around the stem to provide some support.
  • Water thoroughly and place the Mother of millions plant in a sunny location to continue blooming.

The best season for repotting plants in spring. The sunlight and warmth will also help your fragile plants deal with the stress of replanting.

Grow New Mother of Millions— Propagation

Mother of the millions plant is one of the easiest houseplants to propagate. Outdoors, these kalanchoes delagoensis are so persistent that they quickly reproduce and take over a garden. Propagation can be done by the tiny “babies” or plantlets growing along the devil’s backbone.

To propagate the Mother of millions plant, you’ll need a terracotta pot filled with a light potting mix. This is what you should follow:

  • Pick some of the plantlets and place them in the container.
  • Then spray the plantlets and the soil with water. You don’t need to over-water them.
  • Cover the container with some plastic to bolt in moisture and heat.
  • After that, place the pot in a sunny location.
  • Always spray with a fine vapor to ensure the soil is only slightly moist.
  • You can also repot the individual plants in a new container when they grow to about 1″ (2.5 cm) tall,

Where to Put Mother of Millions around Your Home?

Mother of Millions is a great indoor plant because it does not require much attention and care. Low maintenance still needs sunlight, so put it anywhere there is bright sunlight. Here are a few clever ideas to add greenery to your home with Mother of millions:

Window Sill

What better way to make a dull window sill come to life than plants? You can put this plant on your window sill, where it will get the perfect amount of sunlight. Mother of millions is a great way to add some greenery to your window, especially if you do not have a great view. So put a nice little pot of this plant on your windowsill – or better yet, grow a cute little window sill garden!

Window Sill

Entryway or Hallway

Mother of millions is an outdoor as well as an indoor plant. You can put this plant in beautiful colorful pots and place it in the front entrance, entryway, or hallway to elevate the aesthetic. 


Wall Hanging

Place the plant in a bucket and hang it up on walls or put them on floating shelves. Buy some cute little hanging planters and add greenery to a plain white wall. This is also a great way to keep indoor plants out of reach of kids and pets!



The most foolproof space for indoor plants is cornered. Decorate the empty corners of your home with an excellent grown mother of millions in an attractive planter. You can go for metallic, jute, ceramic, wooden, and even concrete planters!

Decorate the empty corners


If all else fails, place your Mother of millions on a funky barstool. The leaves of this plant are very fleshy, and once the plant blooms, the drooping bells of this plant would make it look even more attractive. You can place this barstool in the bedroom, living room, dining room, balcony, etc., anywhere you like, so endless possibilities!


Common Plant Diseases of Mother of Millions:

Regular Maintenance

Looking after a plant is not as simple as just watering and grooming. Even though Mother of Millions loves bright hot weather, over-exposure to sunlight also causes dehydration in this plant. The leaves grow smaller if you place the plant in a dark location. Too little water or over-exposure to the sun causes the leaves to curl and the edges to dry and turn brown.

Make sure you take care of the plant and keep attention to these details. Remember to give the water when needed, and the exposure should only be enough to boost growth and not cause dehydration.

Pest and Diseases

Like all living things, plants are also susceptible to diseases and infections. If you want to keep (or already have) Mother of Millions in your home, regularly examine the plant for discoloration, unusual growths, and other signs of abnormality. You can remove the mealybugs by cleaning the leaves with alcohol and remove aphids by hand.

Watch out for pests like scale, mealybugs, whitefly, and root. The most common plant diseases infecting Mother of Millions include aphids, root rot, red leaf spot, botrytis, southern blight, and heart rot. Prevent root rotting by changing the pot every 2-3 years, and do not over-water the plant.

Benefits of Having a Mother of Millions in Your Home:

Here are some astounding benefits of Mother of millions:

Medicinal Plant

Mother of millions is a medicinal plant and helps in infertility even though the leaves are poisonous.

Low Maintenance and Longevity

A nice benefit of this plant is that, unlike other plants which need a lot of care and yet die, Mother of Millions is pretty hard to kill.

Attractive Houseplant

They flower beautifully, which can be very appealing, enough for them to use as decoration in homes. The pattern and shapes of its leaves are so good-looking for a house plant – not to forget the textural effects it gives during winters.

Risks Associated with Mother of Millions:

Risk for Humans and Animals:

Mother of Millions is very poisonous to humans and household pets. If you ingest this plant in a smaller amount, it can cause diarrhea, drooling saliva, dribbling urine, and heartache. Mother of Millions contains a highly toxic steroid called bufadienolide, a cardiac glycoside. So, ingesting this plant in high amounts can lead to heart failure.

The toxicants are present throughout the plant, in the leaves, stem, and most of all, in the flowers. Thus, it can kill livestock and house pets if they consume a significant amount.

Prevention from Risks:

To prevent the intake of Mother of Millions, place it in higher places, away from the reach of infants or innocent pets. If someone ever consumes this plant, he or she must be treated within 24 hours because then the heart will stop functioning, the situation will get out of hand, and the person might not be able to survive.

It is unlikely for a human or a pet to eat a poisoned succulent in large quantities, but it is still necessary to take precautions for such indoor plants. Putting the plant in windows, hanging it in your house, or placing it on a bar stool would be a great idea to prevent such risks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How poisonous is Mother of millions?

The plant can be toxic if ingested. The sap contains poisonous alkaloids and spirotropine (a substance that accumulates in the human body and impairs normal functioning). People who have an allergy to purslane should avoid it.

What is the Mother of the millions plant used for?

The mother-of-millions plant is a succulent that can produce an abundance of baby plants called ‘offsets .’The offsets can be planted in soil to create new plants. The mother-of-millions plant is famous for its striking yellow and red flowers and its abundance of offsets.

Is Mother of Millions plant a succulent?

Yes, Mother of Millions is a succulent plant. It is prevalent throughout eastern Africa, particularly in Kenya, and it’s easy to see why. This hardy plant grows well on minimal care and in pretty much any type of weather, making it ideal for places that don’t have the best soil or conditions. Another great thing about the Mother of Millions is that it propagates quickly, so you can start growing new plants whenever possible.


The beautiful, appealing red flower chimes of Mother of Millions are a reason good enough for you to have them in your house. It requires minimal care and is a fast-growing succulent. A few white pebbles with this plant would give an exotic look to your home. Mother of Millions is also known as MOM, and once you have it, you also become one – a plant mom! If you want to read more about house plants, check out our blog.

Written by Chris Buckland

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